2 Dec 2013


Adrienne Shum. This beautiful beam of light exudes grace and softness, and if you've ever been to one of her yoga classes you're probably sitting at your computer nodding your head in agreement. Shum melds her extensive academic background in Food Sciences (Master's degree) with her Ayurvedic practice. Originally from Toronto, Shum has planted her roots in the Prairies since 2009, where she first began her yoga teacher training.

"It's funny because I'm not from the Prairies- I'm from Toronto. But it's here in the prairies that I've discovered a dedicated, deepened yoga practice." said Shum.

Shum currently teaches yoga and hosts Ayurvedic workshops at Yoga Public in Winnipeg, Canada.


Emily Stricker said...

I just said "I AM nodding my head!" out loud while reading the first line of this post. Adrienne is amazing!

karenjane5 said...

It was so cute and true what Adrienne said about eating that harmony that is soup!

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