14 Jan 2013


Whether you're a namaste-newbie or vinyasa-veteran, yoga challenges are exactly that: challenging. We've compiled some tips to help you get to day 30 of your challenge, successfully.

Look at your studio's schedule and compare it to your life schedule. Dedicate one class per day that accommodates your schedule and stick to it. Some yoga studios have apps where you can pre-register for classes and hold you accountable for attending classes.

Sign up for a yoga challenge with a friend who has similar goals and schedule as you. Not only will sharing the yoga challenge experience be fun, a buddy will hold you accountable. 

Balance is key. We've just wrapped up the summer and after indulging - and sometimes overindulging-  it's time to treat yourself to wholesome, nutritious foods. Organic fruits, veggies and smoothies are at the top of our list!

A new water bottle, PY yoga tank, or maybe a fun yoga mat can put an extra jump in your step. Treat yourself after a week into your challenge! Book a massage at the end of your challenge and use that as an incentive to complete your 30 days successfully.

Sleep is so important for your yoga practice- especially if you're planning on downward-dogging every day! Make your rest a priority and your mood, body, mind and practice will thank you. 

Monique Pantel is a photographer, writer and passionate yogi living in Winnipeg, Canada. She also happens to be the online editor and creative director for Prairie Yogi Magazine. Monique loves to create, whether it's writing, cooking, painting, photography or free-styling fun sequences on the yoga mat!

Find Monique online at her website here.


Jeffrey Vallis said...

Great tips, Monique! I'm actually already doing all of these things for my 30-day challenge at Yoga Public and they help to make the challenge just a little bit easier, and more fun. Counting down the days to that massage :-)

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