25 Aug 2016


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Words :: Rachelle Taylor | photos :: Pantel Photography
A woman I admire called me a love warrior for the first time a few years ago. The words resonated in my heart and stuck with me. They embodied a powerful, feminine energy that I could relate to when in meditation, setting my intentions, and in designing & sequencing workshops.

As the term became mainstream in the world of yoga, appearing on tank tops, Instagram posts, and yoga DVDs, I began to ponder... What does it even mean? A quick Google search will affirm that the the term has inspired books, communities, and business names, but what exactly it means to be a love warrior remains unclear.

After much time spent inquiring into the depths of my spirit, this is what I believe it means to be a love warrior.

Love Warrior, Prairie Love Festival, Rachelle Taylor yoga, Canada Yoga Festival, Radiant Heart, Love Warrior Flow She believes in love in the midst of the dark

We all know what a broken heart feels like. Heavy. Dark. Hopeless. In the depths of a broken heart, the light seems impossibly out of reach. But a love warrior believe it's there. She picks herself up. Realizes a heart like hers can bend, but can't break. She hopes. She knows. She heals. She believes.

She understands that power comes from both strength & surrender

When we envision a warrior, we often think of physical strength and power. But a love warrior strength extends beyond her body, and into her heart and spirit. She finds her strength in surrender, in vulnerability, and in opening deeply.

She trusts that everything is happening as it should

Life is hard. There are moments and circumstances that we just wish we didn't have to live through. "I don't want to / I can't endure this," is what most people feel during these times. A love warrior trusts, that the good, the bad, and the ugly is all happening just
as it should. She trusts that everything in her life is presented to her for her own evolution, and with this knowledge takes everything in stride.

Find your own inner love warrior with Rachelle at Prairie Love Festival at her Radiant Heart - Love Warrior Flow workshop.

24 Aug 2016


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Words :: Amanda Coe
I’m an introvert.  A process-things-alone, take-solo-vacations-and-forget-to-speak-to-anyone-for-seven-days, a quiet and overly-sensitive introvert.

I feel overstimulated by a lot of sound, or a lot of fun, or a lot of change, though I like these things a lot.  The very best place for me to process the business of being human is in a quiet space void of new input.  When the shit hits the fan, silence and solitude are my medicines.

And yet.  I adore people.  We are such weird and intricate fellows, and I wonder, fascinated about every corner of everyone i know and the ones I don’t know, too.  There is nothing so powerful as making a deep connection with another person.  I teach yoga classes to probably hundreds of my favourite humans every week.  I (sometimes unwittingly) bring my tenderness, my joys, my heartbreaks and my sensitivities to a roomful of beings daily and i set it all down quietly into the asana and the breath and into the pile of collective buzzing before and after class:  book recommendations, hugs, tears, laughter, chatter, catching up, sorrow, joys;  all shared.  We are all students of life, in this together.  I’ve always wondered how my classes have become such a vibrant, boisterous place when i am such a nerdy loner.

The answer is yoga, of course.  It yokes us together, like it or not, by a tiny, daily miracle.

I will save the details of the story for another time, but one day i did a very risky thing:  I went to a yoga class and did what everyone who comes to a yoga class does; bravely chooses to explore being herself on a mat amidst a group of complex, beautiful, tender humans doing the same, in a quiet way; independently connected.  We share a space, hold it together, but everyone is having their own private experience.  Together, alone.  It is vulnerable, but it is secure and calm, too.  It is quite a little something, a group yoga practice. It is one of the greatest joys in my life.

#PrairieLoveFestival, Prairie Love Yoga Festival, Yoga Festival Canada, Diary of an Introvert, Introvert Flow, Winnipeg Yoga
For the second time, I am enjoying the lucky break of being part of a yoga festival, a pulsating, built-on-community festival called Prairie Love.  I can’t tell you how out of my comfort zone this is, in some ways, how much of a tentative joiner i am because festivals are big and wild, how excited i am for it, still, and how beautifully yogic it is, too.  How much stimulating, exciting, overwhelming fun! joy! transformation! there will be.  But also what a great chance it will be to have a yoga practice together.  A quiet place to call temporary home with other people seeking a quiet, temporary home, in the midst of the noisy beautiful chaos of life.  My class is an introvert flow.  Maybe people will join me there, when they need a little place to be quiet, reflective, to stew in and integrate the beauty they encounter, a place to touch the earth through which we are all cooly, calmly connected, withdraw the senses, go at our own pace, come home to our good, sweet selves.  And in the end, we’ll maybe look up, with our feet firmly planted, and meet someone’s eyes and know each other in a way that we couldn’t possibly know with words, and it will be perfect.

23 Aug 2016


TORUK – The First Flight, inspired by James Cameron’s AVATAR is coming to MTS Centre in Winnipeg.  Take advantage of this special offer and save $10 on tickets.  This offer is available for select show dates and times while supplies last, cannot be combined with other offers, and cannot be applied to previously purchased tickets.  Don’t miss this live multimedia experience that brings the breathtaking world of James Cameron’s AVATAR to life through story and light.  Hurry and get your tickets today!

15 Aug 2016

Mindset of a Modern Day Warrior

Liane Cherrett, Modern Day Warrior, PRAIRIE LOVE FESTIVAL, Rumi, Spiritual Warrior, The Practice of Yoga, Yoga Girl, Pantel Photography Yoga Festival Canada,
words : Liane Charrett // images : Moique Pantel
The modern day warrior or spiritual warrior is one that challenges fears, lies, false belief and judgements that create suffering or unhappiness in his or her life. 
~The Four Agreements

I grew up in a loving, happy and peaceful home. At a young age, I started perfecting rhythmic gymnastics and I loved the form as a way to stay connected to my body, and to find expression in creative movement. But somewhere between practice, repetition and wearing a bodysuit, I got caught up in being perfect and performing. By the time I had hit my teens, I was a ball of anxiety and my thoughts ruled my every move or lack thereof. I was in fact a prisoner in my own body and I lived (existed) like that for years.

I eventually got to a point where I was DONE merely existing and that was the turning point in my journey where I started dabbling with yoga. My first thought of myself within the experience was: "I'm terrible at this AND I certainly don't like not knowing what I'm doing!" And my thought of the experience itself was: "that made me feel good in the end!" And after all isn't the whole point about FEELING good and supporting LIFE! And so began my love affair with this thing we call yoga and more importantly myself.

I realized, many years later, that many of my thoughts were robbing me of life. Even in the first ten years of practice I didn't get that! I was falling into some of the same habitual patterns of perfecting or performing the pose. I was doing yoga versus being yoga. At the heart of being a spiritual warrior is this understanding that we are not in control of anything outside of us. All we can control, are our thoughts, and our action/reaction in any given moment. And yet with having said that, we also have the power to transform and realign our thoughts to support ourselves and affirm the life we wish to live and create.

Thinking and speaking possibility into our life takes awareness and practice but it's worth it. It is one of the greatest contributions we can make to society: to be authentic, wholehearted and alive doing what we love, BEing who we are!

Awareness of your thoughts is the first step. Ask yourself if your thoughts and beliefs hold you back or do they enliven you? It's like the Rumi quote that I love so: awaken to yourself and don't fall back asleep! Have the courage of a warrior in discovering who YOU are and what your purpose is! Then, the physical practice of yoga can serve to build our resilience and willingness to learn a little everyday as a lifelong practice.

Liane Cherrett, Modern Day Warrior, PRAIRIE LOVE FESTIVAL, Rumi, Spiritual Warrior, The Practice of Yoga, Yoga Girl, Pantel Photography Yoga Festival Canada,
Liane Cherrett is a modern day warrior, mama, and yogi from Winnipeg, Canada. Sign up for one (or both!!) of Liane's inspired offerings at Prairie Love Festival and attend her Yoga & Spa workshops at Thermëa Winnipeg on August 28th/

8 Aug 2016


5 WAYS TO LOVE LIFE, Niki Trosky, Happiness Habits, Love Life Productions, PRAIRIE LOVE FESTIVAL,
Words by: Niki Trosky, author of Love Life and the creator of Love Life Productions // Image by Pantel Photography
Loving your life, as it is in this moment, isn't as hard as we make out it to be. Here are five accessible ways to integrate a positive "Love Life" attitude into each and every day.

1. Quit Bitching

The only person you are hurting by trash talking is yourself.  If you find yourself in a miserable situation, complaining is only going to bring you more of what you don’t want.  Sure sometimes it is hard to bite your tongue, but our words are so powerful.  They can be magic potions or pure poison.  Choose them wisely.  The next time you find yourself wanting to insult someone or something, shoot them praise or a compliment. It will instantly change the structure of your thought patterns.  You might even find yourself smiling.

2. Feel this moment

Try saying this out loud, “I allow myself to feel this moment.”  Say this several times throughout your day.  Pay attention to how thoughts fade out, tensions unwind and sounds of your environment become clear. Anxiety comes from fretting over the past or worrying about the future.  When we allow ourself to be present we gain the gift of clarity and peace.

3.  Stop making decisions based on money.  

I mean it!  Just stop it!  You have an unlimited supply of abundance that is your birth right.  We all have access to the Kingdom or Queendom within.  I know this is a tough one, but you get to do whatever you want and the only one stopping you is you.  Too far fetched?  Try starting small….give change to the next person who asks you for it. Say in your mind, “I love releasing money and I love receiving money.”  Giving and receiving are the same frequency.  Give yourself a chance to experience the flow of abundance. When you release with joy you will also receive with joy!

4.  Read Books that feed your soul  

Find a good book and stick it in your back pack or purse. Carry it everywhere with you.  Because words are so powerful, books carry their own frequencies.  They are also effective ways to change the act of waiting into the act of enjoying. If you have a good book handy you can enjoy taking a number to pay your traffic tickets or you can relax when someone tells you they are running late. You can also avoid that gross feeling we all get when we lose another twenty minutes on Instagram.  Nourish yourself with something that makes you feel good.  My personal favs are anything by Osho or John Randolph Price and of course I highly recommend my book Love Life!

5. Allow yourself

Allow is a powerful word.  We grow up being told we are not allowed to do things.  News Flash: You are allowed to change your life.  You are allowed to do what makes you happy. Even if you are a parent, no wait, especially if you are a parent. Teach your kids that they are allowed to put themselves first, that they are allowed to pursue their dreams. Allow yourself to travel alone, to change an undesirable situation, to leave an unhealthy relationship.  Allow yourself to feel safe and free.  Allow yourself to love your life.  You and only you are the only person standing in your way.


Catch more of Niki and her infectious positivity at Prairie Love Festival, September 10 + 11th at FortWhyte Alive in Winnipeg.

5 Aug 2016

What Does Self Care Mean To You?

prairie love festival 2016, Amanda Burkowski, Prairie Yogi, Shift Yoga, Self Care
Words : Amanda Burkowski    |   Image : Monique Pantel

I hope it means you give yourself time to reflect and recharge.
I hope it means you take time dedicated completely to yourself for yourself.
I hope it means you allow yourself a sense of calm and peace.
I hope it means you understand that this may not be an easy practice but a very important one.
I hope it means that you can allow yourself to sit in silence.
I hope it means that you can find a sense of stillness among chaos. 
I hope it means that you know you are right where you should be. 
I hope it means that you are making positive change in the world by practicing and caring for yourself.
I hope it means that you will always meet your practice with a sense of compassion and understanding. 
I hope it means that you know you will always be okay. 

prairie love festival 2016, Amanda Burkowski, Prairie Yogi, Shift Yoga, Self Care
Join me this September as we embark on a journey, face to face with the darkest sides of ourselves. We are not out of the ordinary, we don't strive for perfection. We are not ashamed of the thoughts and feelings we experience day to day. We do take pride in who we are. We do believe in life long evolution. We do offer ourselves patience, kindness and love. We are the wild ones.

11 Jul 2016

A love letter to the prairies

Lynette Suchar, Prairie Love Festival, Yoga Festival Canada, Prairie Love, Love letters to the Prairies
Image + words by Lynette Suchar
I don’t think I’m the first one to feel the magical pull of the prairies. It’s what a City and Colour song is made of. Maybe it is something you only experience if you are originally from here. I’d be curious to know if those who have transplanted themselves here feel this same draw. From a distance, the prairies appear to be a flat, barren, bleak landscape with not the same kind of endless possibilities that the dynamic urban culture of big cities offer.

Saskatoon was always my small hometown that I had to leave. It felt stifling. There wasn’t enough adventure. I’ve moved around and lived in Calgary, Toronto, Mexico, Montreal, and yet, here I am, back in Saskatoon. This move back was because of work opportunities but a few years after returning, I find myself, for the first time in my life, with roots here. I feel a strong sense of community that I’ve never felt before. I have authentic, loving friendships. Professionally, I’m contributing to society in a way I never imagined would happen here. I’ve heard stories from many people who left their own prairie hometown for bigger and better things, only to be drawn back home.

So what is this pull? There is an energy about this part of the world that is very grounding. If one isn’t careful, it is easy to become complacent and feel stuck, which happens in a place of comfort, like any long-term relationship. But if you are the kind of person who is curious and has a desire to learn and grow, this energy that has pulled you to back to the prairies fuels a fire within. There is a magic to the prairies that can’t be denied. The thing is, it’s a subtle magical friend, not an in-your-face attention seeker. The prairies tease you back, offering you a blank canvas, an opportunity with the colours of comfort and possibility. What you choose to see and create is up to you.

But maybe we have to leave this land in order to appreciate the vast beauty. The prairies are made up of a strong and stable foundation that allows us to plant our feet firmly on the ground. And with strong roots we can fly freely. This foundation has allowed me to leave, take chances, learn about myself and other cultures. It has also taught me how to be an authentic person. I hear over and over that people from the prairies are so friendly. I never noticed that before either until I came back and was surprised by how often people nod, say hello, or ask how I’m doing. Little gestures, maybe not meant to be deeper than they are, but connecting gestures, nonetheless.

I spent a lot of my childhood on my grandparent’s farm, playing all day outside, helping my baba in the garden, and making up imaginary stories in the lilac bushes. I was exposed to an aspect of life that otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed: a freedom, an appreciation, a connection with nature. As an adult, I find the most peace and gratitude when I’m back on the country roads, driving to the farm or the family lake, knowing that the expansiveness ahead of me will refuel me.

Every summer, I crave the big blue skies with white and grey clouds hanging overhead, as though they were suspended from space by opaque strings, perfectly placed and gently floating above, lulling me into a deep meditation. I crave the golden yellow and deep violet fields that whiz past as I drive. And if I’m present enough to remember not to rush to get to where I’m going, if I can remember that the ride is the destination, not the last spot on the map, I will pull over to the side of the road, pull out my camera, take a deep breathe of the fresh, grassy, humid smell that can only be found on the road in the prairies, and I will capture the moment. Of course, I can only capture part of the sensory experience but every time I look at those photos, I can smell the air, and hear the singing birds, and feel the rumble of a grain truck rolling out to the field. For me this is peace, it fills my well, and allows me to carry on, travel to new places, and create a legacy. It gives me the confidence to know I always have this place to come home to, like arms wrapped around me, reminding me of what’s important and that everything will be okay.

Lynette Suchar, Prairie Love Festival, Yoga Festival Canada, Prairie Love, Love letters to the PrairiesWhen you’re in a place in your life where you can recognize the magic of the prairies, you don’t see the landscape as bleak and dull. You start to recognize the beauty of the openness that gives you the gift of space. This space allows you to exhale fully, to pause, to reflect on where you’ve come from and where you’d like to go. This space becomes the grandest adventure – spontaneity awaits as you jump in the car and drive on some country gravel road, alone or with your best friend. I know that no matter where I end up, I am so grateful to where I came from. Every time I look up to the living sky full of bright stars I know this place is special, maybe a secret kind of special that only those that are from here know. I love leaving but I love coming home.

Lynette can't wait to share her #prairielove with you at Prairie Love Festival, September 10 + 11 at FortWhyte Alive in Winnipeg. Click here to see Lynette's festival offerings.

30 Jun 2016


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The release of the OMazing lineup of instructors, speakers, and creators for this years' Prairie Love Festival means that ticket holders are now able to pre-register for their festival activity schedule. Creating your path for the weekend should be an exciting experience, where you get to decide what workshops resonate with where you're at in this point of your practice.

Here are answers to the questions we receive most to help make this process as seamless as possible.

1 - How many activities can I sign up for?

Your weekend pass (snowbird/earlybird/regularbird) allows you to pre-register to guarantee your space in a maximum 4 activities on each day (Saturday + Sunday). Passholders can attend as many workshops as you'd like throughout the weekend, pending space/availability in the workshop.

The Sweetest Saturday pass allows you to pre-register for 4 workshops on Saturday September 10th.

A Serene Sunday pass give your the ability to pre-register for 4 workshops on Sunday September 11th.

All pass-holders enjoy unlimited music + community celebrations throughout the weekend.

2 - I can't log in to sched.org

Sched is the scheduling app you will login to to create your activity schedule for Prairie Love Festival. Once you purchase your ticket, you will be sent an email invitation to login to sched.org

Your sched information will be the same as your Eventbrite & PayPal login. If you have forgotten your username/password, reset your password here.

3 - How do I pick my activities?

With over 70 workshops & activities to pick from, it can be overwhelming to craft your weekend of bliss. Create your schedule based on workshop themes, instructors, and where you are currently at in your practice. Remember to create a sustainable schedule, 4 strong vinyasa practices in a day can cause exhaustion and burn out, which contradicts our intention of creating a wellness experience.

Tips for creating a sustainable schedule:
• Treat yourself to at least one yin / restorative workshop per day
• Be inspired by a speakeasy session
• Take in a creative workshop
• Turn your focus inward with a guided mediation 
• Chant and connect with Kirtan
• Give yourself breaks throughout the day to eat, rest, and soak in the benefits of your practice.

4-  How long does it take to get from one venue to the next?

When creating your schedule, bear in mind that venues can be up to a 25 minute walk from each other. While the festival map isn't yet finalized, here are some points of reference to note when creating your schedule:

• Prairie Yogi MainStage, The Balance Point, and OM sweet OM are all within a few steps of each other.
• Lotus Lookout is a 10-15 minute walk south of the Big Sky Stage.
• The Lake and The Cabin venues are 20-25 minute walk north of the Big Sky Stage**
• Bicycles are permitted/encouraged at Fort Whyte Alive and can be used as a speedy way for participants to travel from one venue to the next.

**Shuttle service to The Lake and The Cabin venues will be offered every 10 minutes from the Big Sky Stage

5- How Do I apply for a Vendor Booth / Table?

If you are interested in being a part of the Trading Post at Prairie Love Festival, email laura@prairieyogi.com with the following information:

• Your Company Name
• Type of product/service you offer
• 2-3 photos of your product
• Facebook / etsy page link

6 - How do I find out about partnership opportunities with Prairie Love Festival?

Without our partners, this celebration wouldn't be possible.  We partner with businesses whose values and community align with our own to make the partnership a success for both parties while elevating the experience of festival participants.

If your business wants to connect with the prairie yogi community through festival partnership opportunities, please email Laura@prairieyogi.com.

7 - When will volunteer opportunities be released?

Opportunities with our amazing team of volunteers will be released in July. This exchange of energies will ask for 8 hours of volunteer service (2 x 4 hr shifts) to receive a complimentary pass for the weekend. Stay tuned to Prairie Love Festival Facebook + Instagram accounts  for more details.

8 - Can we camp at FortWhyte Alive?

Unfortunately, There is no camping at FortWhyte Alive.

9 - I'm from outside of Winnipeg, where should I stay?

The Paris of the Prairies has plenty of accommodations while you're here enjoying the festivities.

- The festival site is located in the South West Corner of the city (near Kenaston Commons)
- Festival sponsor The Fort Garry Hotel is offering a sweet corporate rate to festival attendees of $139/night. To book, call (204) 942-8251 and say you're a part of the Prairie Love Festival corporate rate. (We are also offering a complimentary shuttle that runs from the hotel to the park!)

10 - I purchased tickets for me and someone else. How do we pick our individual schedules?

When purchasing more than 1 ticket on Eventbrite, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you enter each attendees email address under each separate ticket in the registration process. One email address per attendee is required. This way each attendee will be sent their own login link to the scheduling app and be able to create their own schedule.

If you have already purchased more than one ticket and registered your email address under both passes, please login to eventbrite and transfer over all tickets to the each attendees email address.  If you continue to have technical difficulty email prairielovefestival@gmail.com.

11 - Something has happened, and I am no longer able to attend Prairie Love. Can I refund my ticket?

Prairie Love Festival passes are not refundable. You can however, transfer your ticket free of charge to someone else.

If you are unable to attend the festival, you can sell your ticket and transfer it to another through the Eventbrite transfer ticket option.  The Prairie Love Festival Facebook event could be a great place to connect with people who are looking to purchase tickets.

Thank you for being a part of this years' celebration of yoga, music and art in the land of big skies and big hearts. Please stay in touch - Prairie Love Festival is on Facebook, Twitter + Instagram. For any other inquiries, email prairieyogi@gmail.com.

29 Jun 2016

Sweet Summer Sundays (and Thursdays!) @ Thermëa Winnipeg

Winnipeg Yoga, Prairie Love Festival, Sam Squire, Rachelle Taylor, Thermea Winnipeg, Nature Spa, Spa Yoga

I believe in the healing power of nature. Deep breaths under tall trees, cleansing dips in fresh water, and bare feet on on the earth have the power to draw us away from our chaotic lives and into the moment. Bringing yoga out into nature is a magical experience, creating a connection that goes beyond mind, body, and spirit, to include the elements. The sun warming our bodies, the wind calming the mind, the water cools the body fluidity, and the air that guides our spirits.

When the luxurious nature spa, Thermëa Winnipeg, reached out to collaborate on a series of Yoga & Spa events this summer, I couldn't refuse. Their epic space is the ultimate healing escape in nature, with aromatherapy steam baths, mineral pools, salt scrubs, and so much more. Adding outdoor yoga, a guided nature meditation, and a nourishing smoothie is (of course!) the perfect addition to this amazing ritual.

You have plenty of opportunities to indulge in this experience over the summer with yoga classes lead by instructors from Prairie Love Festival

Sunday classes run from 9:30am - 11am, Thursday classes run 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Sunday July 10th - Sam Squire
Sunday July 17th - Rachelle Taylor
Sunday July 24th - Rachelle Taylor
Sunday July 31st - Serena Postel
Sunday August 7th - Niki Trosky
Thursday, August 11th - Darlene Sveinson 
Sunday August 14th - Amanda Burkowsky
Thursday, August 18th   Rachelle Taylor
Sunday August 21st - Marisa Cline
Sunday August 28th - Liane Cherrett
Thursday, September 1st - Rachelle Taylor
Sunday September 4th - Mackenzie Dancho

The Spa & Yoga package includes 
  • Thermëa's signature Thermal Experience
  • Bathrobe Rental
  • 90 minute yoga class 
  • Post practice smoothie

Investment in self: $70 for Thursday workshops / $75 for Sunday workshops. 
Limited space is available. Book your space by calling Thermëa at 204-284-6868.

Winnipeg Yoga, Prairie Love Festival, Sam Squire, Rachelle Taylor, Thermea Winnipeg, Nature Spa, Spa YogaWinnipeg Yoga, Prairie Love Festival, Sam Squire, Rachelle Taylor, Thermea Winnipeg, Nature Spa, Spa Yoga

30 Mar 2016

Is it time for a groundbreaking shift in your world?

Yoga Teacher Training Winnipeg, YTT Winnipeg, Siobhan Keely, Sky Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Winnipeg
Content sponsored by our friends at Sky Yoga Teacher Training 

For many yogis, completing a 200 hour teacher training is high up on their bucket list. Weather or not you’re interested in pursuing yoga as a full time job, delving deep into your practice through an immersive teacher training is a bounty of benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. Prairie yogi Siobhán Keely wants to be the one to inspire you to take that leap and cross that big goal on your bucket list, empowering you to lead a more inspired life.

Lost and unsure of her path in life, Siobhán took her first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) on a whim over six years ago. The experience changed her life, and her career path. Following that YTT Keely worked as an instructor for years before she began to assist in the studio’s teacher training programs. It was here, in inspiring others to find their authentic voice through sharing the practice of yoga, she knew she had found her calling.

Yoga Teacher Training Winnipeg, YTT Winnipeg, Siobhan Keely, Sky Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Winnipeg
“I want people to know that they CAN do anything they want in life and be happier than they can possibly imagine if they just learn to shed the restrictions that have been placed upon them by their childhood, by society, by their own misleading beliefs - yoga was a huge part of that journey for me,” says Siobhán.

Wanting more freedom to inspire from her heart centre, Siobhán developed her 200 YTT immersion training, Sky Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. “My approach to yoga is authentic to myself and very applicable to real life - there is nothing flakey about my teaching. Having co-led seven 200 hour trainings with 4 very different teachers, I bring a lot of experience and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't.”

Originally from Winnipeg, Siobhán has spent the last decade living and working in Vancouver and is excited to come home to share teachings with the prairie yoga community with her Sky Yoga Teacher Training, June 1 - 28th at Fort Garry United Church.

This Intensive Hatha and Vinyasa based training is Yoga Alliance Certified. The teacher training immersion program is for anyone who is ready for change, who feels they have been searching for "something" and feels pulled toward yoga as being part of the answer, anyone who wants to understand themselves better and in turn understand those around them more deeply.

Yoga Teacher Training Winnipeg, YTT Winnipeg, Siobhan Keely, Sky Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Winnipeg

“Teaching yoga is my "life calling" that I had been looking for for so long. I am THRILLED when it is someone else's and they have trusted me to help them get there.”

Is 2016 the year you take the leap to find your life’s calling?? Register for Sky Yoga Teacher Training in Winnipeg -- save $250 if you register by April 1st!

Sky Yoga Teacher Training runs Wednesday June 1st to Tuesday June 28th

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

Held at the Fort Garry United Church on Point Road
Tuition is $2650 plus GST 
Maximum 10 students in the training

Yoga Teacher Training Winnipeg, YTT Winnipeg, Siobhan Keely, Sky Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Winnipeg

To learn more about
Siobhán and Sky Yoga Teacher Training, go to her website:.siobhankeely.com/

For YTT enquiries, contact
Siobhán directly siobhan@siobhankeely.com

30 Jan 2016


PYsnowflake2016, Yoga Festival Canada, Winter wellness, Prairie Yogi, Rachelle Taylor, Winnipeg Yoga, Community, Winter Self-Care
photos by Monique Pantel

01.24.2016 - the day prairie yogis turned a cold day in the midst of winter into something magical.

Winter, and January specifically, tends to be a really hard time of year. With blue Mondays, broken resolutions, and Seasonal Affected Depression... It can be a rough month. But it doesn't have to be. Over 250 people decided to create space in their January for light, positivity, and self-care at the stunning Fort Garry Hotel.

The inaugural SNOWFLAKE winter wellness festival was a massive success. The offerings were delightful, the spaces breath-taking, and the community blew me away once again.

When I dream up these celebrations, I hope people show up, sure. But my truest desire is for people to show up and and dive in. To themselves. To the things they have been running from and need to face before they can let go. To their practice, to soak in the benefits and find inspiration to keep coming back to the mat for the days, week, and years to follow. I witnessed many of the things happen before my very eyes on Sunday, and I am so grateful to those who showed up, dove in, and took care.

Thanks to Pantel Photography and Rachwal Photography for capturing these beautiful moments.

Oh - and Prairie Love Festival tickets went on sale. Get your SNOWBIRD weekend pass today: you'll get the sweetest deal around & be among the crew who help us bring yet another OMazing prairie experience to life.



20 Jan 2016

10 Things to Pack for SNOWFLAKE winter wellness festival

10 Things to Pack for SNOWFLAKE winter wellness festival Yoga Festival, What to Pack for a Yoga Festival, Prairie Yogi, This Sweet Love Photography
Your kickoff to an incredible 2016 is in just a few short days. Everything for the festival is coming together beautifully and we're just as excited as you are to watch the first ever SNOWFLAKE manifest!

In the midst of your excitement, don't forget to prepare wisely for your day of yoga, self-care and community. Here's a list of a few things we wouldn't want you to leave home without on the morning of Sunday, January 24th on your way to the Fort Garry Hotel.

1 - Yoga Mat

It is a yoga festival after all! If you love props in your practice, bring those along with you too!

2 - Blanket / Scarf

We want you to be warm and cozy all day. Bring a blanket or scarf as a pre & post practice layer that doubles as a savasana blanket!

3 - Indoor shoes

While furry boots are a prairie winter essential, they can be quite bulky to wear inside all day. Bring along a pair of comfy, indoor shoes (think slip-in, flats, or runners.) You can store your boots with your jackets in the coat check.

4 - Warm Socks

Because they make savasana sooooooo much cozier.

5 - Water bottle

Bring your water bottle with you and refill often. Hydration is key in taking tare of your sweet self.

6 - Snacks

Yes, your full day pass includes lunch & an afternoon snack, but in case you feel like munching between workshops, pack a granola bar and stop hanger before it occurs.

7 - Wallet

Don't forget your change purse! We've got stellar local vendors featured at this years' Vendor Village, located on the Mezzanine level of the hotel. Most vendors accept credit cards as well as cash.

8 - Journal / Notebook

This experience is created for you as a transformational tool. To discover, to learn, to dig deep within. Bring your notebook and try to find a quiet moment throughout the day to write your favourite passages, to reflect on your experience, to set a goal or intention, or simply to doodle and play with words.

9 - Stones / Mala

Bring along something that feels sacred in your practice, like stones or your favourite mala. (And if you want to learn more how to tap into their powers, be sure to check out RogueWood's Spirited Stones workshop!)

10 - Confirmation of registration + completed liability waiver 

Help us make registration a breeze for all. Come prepared with your ticket (from Picatic) either in printed or online form (taking a screenshot of your ticket is a great way not to lose it in your inbox). Please also take a moment to fill out the online Liability Waiver before you arrive on Sunday: you'll save yourself a few precious minutes in the morning and help us make the registration process seamless.

See you on Sunday, Prairie Yogis (don't have your ticket yet? Don't miss out! Get it here)
♥ Namaste