23 Jul 2014


Savour the flavours of summer at the Prairie Yogi Garden Party: outdoor yoga, live music, sunset savasana, flower crowns, iced tea, and tasty treats.

Join us in the evening Wednesday, August 20th from 7 - 9 as we bloom together as a community.
♥ Yoga by Darlene Sveinson
Treats by Ashley Rae (aka. Rae of Sunshine Life)
Flower crown photobooth
♥ Live music by a special guest!
images via pinterest, instagram and Prairie Yogi Inc.

Limited tickets available for this intimate event.
Only 15 partner passes available - treat your bestie to the sweetness of summer!

16 Jul 2014


Every summer Moksha Yoga Winnipeg brings together community to raise money for charity with their Yoga in the Park event, and this year they are taking it to the next level. On Saturday, August 16th join us for an all-day event at the Forks' Scotia Bank Theatre, offering five yoga classes and two concerts with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the Mondetta Charity Foundation.

Moksha Yoga Winnipeg, Yoga at the Forks, Scotiabank Stage, Prairie Yogi, Prairie Yogi Apparel, Keith and Renee, The lytics"We want to create an awesome day that is accessible to all, that celebrates community, local music, and is super fun," says Shauna Jessiman, manager of Moksha Yoga Waverly.

Participants will have access to
- Good healthy food vendors (Myers' Deli + Green Carrot)
- Wonderful yoga (Moksha, Moksha Flow, Family Yoga + Barre Express classes)
- Sweet shopping + vendors (including your fave PY merch!)
- Stellar local music (performances by the Lytics + Keith & Renee)

Advance tickets are only $20 for a day pass or $10 for one class.
Tickets will be available at the door as well - $50 for a day pass or $20 for one class.
Purchase your advance tickets here.

All ages and skill levels welcome to this family friendly (+ pet friendly) event.
Event will take place rain or shine.
Please bring your online receipt + yoga mat.
We encourage you to be green, do your part - bring a reusable coffee mug, water bottle, and shopping tote with you, and leave nothing behind :)

9 Jul 2014


May all beings be happy, healthy, and free of suffering.

An ancient practice used primarily by Buddhists throughout history, Metta is a Pali word meaning love, friendliness, or kindness... Concisely put, loving-kindness. You don't have to be a Buddhist to benefit from this practice.

Loving-kindess is described as the heart fully awake in friendliness, compassion, and empathic joy. And while living in a state of loving kindness is a wonderful intention, it seems that judgment of others (and ourselves) too often creeps into our thoughts. So loving-kindness in itself (like yoga) is a practice, one that begins intentionally and with time can express outwardly into your life.

Coming back to your meditation cushion for a few minutes to offer yourself this ancient practice will not only bring you closer to a constant state of Metta, but also have positive ripple effects in the world around you.

I have found this meditation to be a wonderful place to start for beginners curious about meditation and wanting to try it for the first time.

Practice Metta meditation at home:

There are 5 stages to this practice, start with 1-2 minutes in each stage, and add on an extra minute to each stage as you progress.

-Begin in a comfortable seated position in a space that is free of clutter/distractions.
- Close your eyes, relax your jaw, and just breathe.

Stage 1 - Feel Metta for yourself
Bring your awareness to your self, the energy you feel within your self and say quietly:

May I be happy
May I be healthy
May I be free of suffering
May I be at peace

In between each of these mantras, take a slow, smooth breath. Visualize yourself happy, healthy, free of suffering, at peace with each breath.

Stage 2 - Feel Metta for a loved one
Picture someone close you to, visualize them, think of your connection, their great qualities, and feel love for them in your heart. Keeping their vision within you, quietly say:

May he/she be happy
May he/she be healthy
May he/she be free of suffering
May he/she be at peace

Again, take each of these phases slowly with your inhales, and as you exhale picture sending your energy of loving kindness to them.

Stage 3 - Feel Metta for someone neutral
Now think of someone you don't particularly like or dislike, this may be someone you don't know very well or an acquaintance. Picture them in your mind and repeat the phrases from stage 2.

Stage 4 - Feel Metta for someone you dislike
Next think of someone you actually dislike, an enemy or a foe, and picture them in your minds eye. Do not get caught up in negative feelings. Picture them in your mind and visualize them being surrounded by light, love, and happiness while repeating the phrases from stage 2.

Stage 5 - Feel universal Metta
Finally, picture the entire world, everyone and everything in it, and wish loving kindness for all.
Keeping this vision in your mind and heart, quietly say:

May all beings be happy
May all beings be healthy
May all beings be free of suffering
May all being be at peace

Do not underestimate your power to spread loving-kindness to all living things. Metta has a beautiful ripple effect: begin inwards, and it watch it spread outwards.

Rachelle Taylor is a love warrior, yoga teacher, and rookie meditator. 

A tranquil spirit trapped in a busy body, Taylor is co-owner of Prairie Yogi Inc + Prairie Love Festival, a contributor for the POWERHOUSE newsletter, an inspired speaker, and winner of the YMCA Women of Distinction Award.

7 Jul 2014


You've got your day pass and cannot wait to experience Prairie Love Festival, our very own celebration of yoga, community, music, and creativity. The wait is over - the stellar schedule, with Prairie Love workshops and activities, has been released. Earlybird ticket holders are now able to sign up for three activities and create their own unique experience.

With such an incredible lineup, it seems like an overwhelming task to pick and plan your day. Here are a few things to keep in mind when registering for your activities.

Mix it up

Don't let the temptation to pick three of your favourite style of yoga class get the best of you. Be mindful. Are 3 back to back powerful vinyasa-style classes a balanced approach to getting the most out of your day?

When picking your schedule, we recommend choosing a variety of workshops. Think about your mind, as well as your body, and be sure to sign up for at least one of prairie love's inspired talks, lead meditations or creative workshops.

Try something new

Prairie Love Festival is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something you've always wanted to, like AcroYoga, Kirtan, or meditation.

We've brought together the regions most inspired teachers to guide you through incredible experiences, don't pass up on the opportunity to experience something new and amazing.

Three is just the beginning

If three activities doesn't seem like enough to fill your day, don't stress. You'll be able to join additional workshops on the day of the festival, pending available space. So for now, pick the three workshops that you absolutely cannot miss, and if you want to fill your day with additional classes, you're free to show up to any scheduled activity, and if there's space, we're happy to let you in with your full day pass.

That brings us to our next point...

Give yourself time to relax, reflect, and reconnect

Don't overload your schedule with back to back classes and activities. Give yourself time in between workshops to rest, to eat, write in your journal, take photos, and participate in heaps of free activities and music offered throughout Fort Whyte all day long.

Just like savasana at the end of our yoga practice helps our body and mind absorb the benefits of the asanas, breaks between classes will allow you to reap the benefits of your Prairie Love experience.

Don't have your ticket yet? Get yours here before prices rise and get first access to your choice of workshops + activities. Don't delay - earlybird tickets are selling fast!

2 Jul 2014


"It's very important to me, as a teacher, to guide my students through an experience." 
- Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko

Meet Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko, your Prairie Yogi of the Month for July 2014. Mei- Ling lives and teaches in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and is excited to share her passion for arm balancing and inversions at Prairie Yogi's Prairie Love Festival on September 7th, 2014 in Winnipeg, Canada.

1 Jul 2014


Everything is coming together beautifully for Prairie Love Festival - we are so incredibly blessed to be bringing together the region's most inspiring yoga instructors, artists, musicians, and speakers for our very own yoga festival at Fort Whyte Alive on Sunday, September 7th. 

Sounds amazing - doesn't it?

You can WIN two day passes to the Prairie Love (valued at $166) in our month long Instagram contest: 

• Share a photo that expresses your love for the prairies
• Tag @prairieyogi + @prairielovefestival (and maybe the person you'd bring with you if you win) 
• Include #prairielovefestival in the caption

The winner will be announced August 1st - so show your prairie love often throughout July for more chances to WIN!

30 Jun 2014


Written by Laura Wittig / Image by Monique Pantel

I’ve always wondered why there has been such a negative connotation attached to “giving up.” Since our youth, we've been told to “never give up,” and that “nobody likes a quitter.” Giving up meant that you were weak. Giving up made you a failure. It has only been as of fairly recent when I have discovered how wonderful giving up can actually be. 

As human beings, we tend to hold onto everything. We hold on to the “to do lists” we are constantly making in our heads. We hold on to the negative feelings towards someone we had a disagreement with days, months or even years ago. We hold onto the notion that we have to present ourselves in a certain way to society. We cling tightly to our egos… the list goes on.

We don’t often stop to think that this backlog of information, stress and negativity can only be described in one word: Exhausting.

The buzz phrase swirling around is currently “just let it go.” Now- correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this carefree and seemingly easy notion of “letting it go,” go against everything that society has raised us to fight for? It has been engrained in us for many years that we mustn’t give up- in fact we are often worse for it if we give up, BUT now we are supposed to just let it go- and everything will all be a-ok?! 

I believe the ability to give up is an art form that more people should make a conscious effort to practice, because the reality is- sometimes we can't do it all.  From my own experience, it just didn’t make sense to me that I was repeatedly told to work hard, fight for what I wanted, never give up- and now- that so many of my dreams and ambitions have begun to come to fruition  (and now that there aren’t enough hours in the day and I sometimes become stressed out,) I’m supposed to  all of a sudden, just "let it go!?”

I do not believe that it is as easy as being able to flip a switch and suddenly just let it all go. Giving it up and letting it go are indeed skills to be practiced and learned over time. 

For me- my yoga practice was the first place that I began to master the art of giving up. I gave up my ego- when I eventually learned that not everything had to look and feel perfect. I gave up forcing myself to exercise just for the sake of exercising, sometimes when my body was begging me not to. I gave up prioritizing my life solely based on a physical list I had constructed, and I starting doing things because I actually wanted to. Being able to finally sync my mind with my body through my yoga practice was the foundation of these skills for me.

I hope to be able to continue to develop these skills and to keep reinforcing that it’s okay to give up. 

You’ve earned it. Sometimes you absolutely need it.  

24 Jun 2014


Let your soul shine on Saturday, July 26th at Patricia Beach as we bring together yoga, community + SUP.

This dynamic 90min workshop with Shakti SUP + Snow's Ashley Bourgeois will bring your practice from the beach to the board - no experience necessary.

Make a day of it! Bring a friend, pack a snack and hang with us at the beach before/after your stand up paddle board workshop. 

$40 early bird (before July 1st)
$45 regular

Time Slots Available:
9:30am - SOLD OUT
2:30pm - SOLD OUT

**Space is extremely limited - get your ticket asap!

Curious about what to expect? Read about last year's yoga + SUP event.

23 Jun 2014


"You're releasing into something that's wild and sweet, all at the same time. Yoga and music and so amazing because it's like, they're meant to be together, I feel, like peace and love. It's that combination that's pure. It's a freedom of expression, it's a connection- it's something that's deep."

DJ Mateo aka Matt Yausie will be joining the talented roster of teachers for Prairie Love Festival this fall. His yoga and music classes are pure bliss and we can't wait to share it with the Prairie Yogi community!

19 Jun 2014

Take Flight With AcroYoga

The deep backbends, graceful balancing acts, and seemingly impossible stacks of human bodies make for some serious yoga eye candy. But flying high (and snapping the obligatory photo) is only one, very small, part of an AcroYoga practice. Equally, balance and strength are essential, but neither needs to be of the superhuman variety.

AcroYoga is a vibrant, playful – and relatively new – style of yoga, combining traditional yoga asanas with the dynamic movement of acrobatics. And like traditional yoga practice, the focus on breath awareness grounds familiar postures like bird, camel, and mermaid – only, with acro, the full expression of poses takes place midair.

Members of Winnipeg’s AcroYoga community can be seen practicing in parks and outdoor festivals throughout the summer.

Yoga instructor and massage therapist Lesley Brown brought AcroYoga to Winnipeg only a few years ago, in 2011, after attending her first of what would become many workshops in the United States.

“This person was like, ‘Can I fly you?’ and I didn’t know what that meant,” she recalls, laughing.

Returning home, Brown was hooked, and eager to continue her practice. Realizing she was probably alone in this pursuit, she ordered the AcroYoga manual and started hosting acro gatherings, or ‘jams,’ in her back yard. Soon this led to teaching acro classes at the Rudolph Rocker in Winnipeg’s Exchange District and then onto Peg City Yoga, where she continues to instruct today. In the process, Brown, one of Canada’s few certified AcroYoga instructors, watched as a community blossomed around her.

This was Heather Whittaker’s first time trying AcroYoga.
It’s not difficult to understand why. While AcroYoga can certainly be intimidating to newcomers, the energy that Brown and the acro community have created is infectious. Newcomers of all levels are welcomed to class with a smile. You are unlikely to find a yoga class where there are more ear-to-ear grins, squeals of joy or high fives. The focus on trust and playfulness makes for an especially supportive environment. There is always someone there to (literally) catch you when you fall.

AcroYoga instructor Lesley Brown spots.
AcroYoga ‘jam’ at the Old Market Square during the TD International Jazz Festival, June 2014.
Don't let your fear of falling dissuade your curiosity. Counterbalancing every flyer is a partner, the base, who supports and keeps the movement firmly rooted to the ground. A spotter guides every posture, transition and ‘pop.’ Brown stresses this in her classes, which makes for a safe practice that is accessible to everyone. And perhaps it’s this supportive environment that responsible for what is, for many newcomers, the most striking thing about acro: the relative ease of getting into the balancing postures that only moments earlier seemed wholly impossible.

But acro is more than just a test of strength or display of flexibility. Because it’s an activity typically done in pairs, it’s just as much an exercise in communication, understanding and compassion. Thai massage and therapeutics play a major part. Here, you’ll find friends and strangers speaking with respect, understanding and trust. And while yoga is typically a solo activity, acro forces participants to bring the mindfulness and awareness that are cultivated in individual practice into our relationships with others.

That empowering, energizing feeling that comes when balancing metres in the air is what keeps many yogis coming back. But it’s just as much about pushing personal barriers and boundaries. It seems that AcroYoga is, by design, meant to push our expectations, limits and zones of comfort. And most of us can probably use the occasional gentle reminder to let go, trust, and see just how high we can go.

AcroYoga classes – accessible to all levels – are being offered all summer at Peg City Yoga every Thursday at 7:00pm. Beginners and drop-ins welcome. Be sure to join the AcroYogaWinnipeg Facebook group for updates on workshops and park jams. Lesley Brown will be teaching an AcroYoga class at Prairie Love this September. Get your tickets here.

Sarah Carson is a researcher, writer and girl of a thousand hobbies based in Winnipeg, Canada. You can connect with her on Instagram or by checking out her website.

16 Jun 2014


6 cities,  7 days, 9 events and a big, beautiful, Prairie Yogi cOMmunity!
Noah Krol of Peg City Yoga came along for the ride... we just LOVE him!

On Saturday, June 7th, we packed our bags, stuffed the Peg-City-Yoga-mobile and began a journey we have been talking about for two years. A road trip to connect with the Prairie Yogi community that expands across our beautiful plains.

We're not usually short for words here, but it honestly blew us away.

It was so exciting to discover (or rediscover) these awesome prairie cities and the people that live there. Internet friends became "I can give you a hug in real life" friends. We hiked through parks, strolled along the rivers that connect our cities, and connected through deep yoga practices.

Kicked off the tour with a Karma Yoga class at St. Norbert's Farmer's Market. After class we had a chance to cuddle a baby lamb and goat! Tickets for Prairie Love Festival went on sale, too!

We had an amazing turn out in Monique's second home! Nearly forty yogis gathered at Hanbury Hill for a Big Sky, Big Hearts flow class led by Noah Krol.

Queen City showed us some love by filling the Artisian to capacity. DJ Mateo spun while Rachelle guided the class through a sweet, groovy class.

Moose Jaw
Oh Moose Jaw. You guys kind of captivated us. Special shout out to Myles - who is just an amazing human. We practiced in an amphitheatre, beside a waterfall. Seriously. It was magic.

After plummeting down the watersides at West Edmonton Mall (#NoFear), we had a bountiful (vegan/gf!) dinner from Noorish. Andrew Misle, DJ Robindra, Myrah Penaloza, Teresa Byer, Amandra Tardiff  and a few other yogis opened their home and arms to us. It was awesome to say the very least.
Andrew + DJ Robindra guided a beautiful Saatva inspired practice at Latitude 53 with gentle adjustments from Myrah and Teresa. We capped off the evening with some delicious fresh fruit popsicles.

We gathered at the Albert CC for a fun, inspiring practice from Lynette Suchar. Afterward, we enjoyed a glass of organic, free trade wine and creamy parfaits!
The next day we ended our Prairie Yogi tour with an outdoor class overlooking the river. The practice was lovingly guided by Saskatoon superstar-unicorn yogi Clancy Sullivan.

Keep posted Prairie Yogis - we've got a recap video coming for you soon!
And thank you to Lululemon who has been SO incredibly supportive of us! We love you!

15 Jun 2014

Dear Dad,


Thank you.

For sharing with me that life's sweetness lies in music and living in the moment.

For encouraging me to think critically, question authority, and speak my mind. To stand tall in the face of bullies. To love myself first, every single part of me. Because, just like the oxygen mask in aeroplanes, your can't love anyone else until you love yourself first.

For showing me how to throw a football. Guys dig a sweet spiral.

For not letting me win, even when you were double my height and triple my size, to let me see that if I wanted to win I'd have to work hard and often lose, learn, and get back up and try again.

For teaching me that movement is medicine for body and mind.

For your unwavering support. For being at every single one of my basketball or baseball games, for taking us for donuts after swimming lessons. For teaching me how to run my first business: ice cold sodas for sale out of a cooler in our Radio Flyer wagon at the local baseball field. You genuinely believed I could be and do anything my heart could dream, which made it easier to believe myself.

For raising me to be strong enough for anything, including losing you.

For teaching me that life isn't fair, death is only proof of that fact. That the inevitable changes throughout life are opportunities to build strength and demonstrate character. For showing me first hand that death doesn't end a relationship. Thanks to you, I know how it feels to be eternally loved.

And thank you Dad for continuing to speak to me from the stars, in sunsets and quiet moments. I hear you, I feel you. I love you.


Your sunshine, your only sunshine.

Rachelle Taylor is a love warrior born and raised in the heart of Canada. This gypsy searched far and wide for inspiration, beauty, and bliss only to return home to Winnipeg where she founded Prairie Yogi as an expression of her love for creativity, yoga, and community.